Saturday, February 27, 2010

Microlite Musings

First I suppose I should explain what Microlite 20 is. It's pre-4 D&D distilled down to its basic essence. Its beauty is in its simplicity and just reading the system makes me yearn for the "old days" of D&D.

Of course, what happens when I read a game system? My brain starts thinking of ways to muck around with it.

Oz, have you ever ran a game you didn't tamper with? - actual player quote.

If it's so simplistically perfect, why mess with it? Because I need some meat with my potatoes. The Expert addition actually takes a big step in the right direction. But I've gotten attached to the granularity I've gained with my a la carte rules-mods for 4e and Star Wars. The questions running through my mind -

Can I mod the rules to capture the flexibility and flavor of my current game?
Can I do so without creating something so complex that I might as well have stuck with what I have?
Can I balance it? (The biggest challenge of a la carte)
Can I use it easily with existing source materials?
Can I actually finish it before another shiny object distracts me?

Why couldn't I have stumbled across this before my vacation?

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