Friday, November 28, 2008

Shoppers kill Wal-Mart worker

In a true testament to consumer greed and corporate stinginess, a worker at Wal-Mart was literally trampled to death by unruly shoppers. Check out the article here.

Why is it Wal-Mart's fault that these idiots acted like a bunch of savages? They didn't have enough security (save those dollars). The victim wasn't even an actual employee, but a third-party temp (saving even more). So let's send the untrained temp guy to open the doors. How could a manager not know that the crowd was out of control?

And when told they had to leave because the crowd had killed an employee, they kept shopping, yelling they had been in line since the previous morning.

If this was Ozzistan those idiots would be taken out back and shot, then their corpses fed to hogs.

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