Sunday, November 23, 2008

People others sue for their own stupidity

One of the problems with our legal system is that people get to sue others for their own stupidity, like in this article.

How is it McDonald's fault that this bozo forgot his phone in one of their restaurants *and* his phone had nude photos of his wife on it? This case needs to be dismissed, the idiot should have to pay all legal charges for both parties, and his lawyer should be disbarred. I don't often take the side of corporations but entitlement bullshit like this just bogs the system down and tries to put money in the hands of idiots.

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Blogger Falconsword said...

Well, this one is tricky. If according to the story, if a store employee did indeed promise to secure the phone and it was subsequently lost, stolen, or misused, there is culpability on the stores part. At least for the loss of phone and time on the customers part. Had they not made a promise 'verbal contract', then the guy is out of luck. As for 'pain and suffering', the judge should award the plaintiff $100 and a stern talking to about having compromising stuff on electronic devices they carry in their pockets.

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