Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Movie review: Quantum of Solace

My friend Marik and I corresponded regarding the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. We both liked the movie, but it wasn't flawless by any means.

I think it was good but lacking direction. I kept waiting for some big world shaking plot like moonraker or such. Gone seems to be the meglomaniacs replaced with greedy little anti-green turkeys. Ugh. I like the buildup to Specter that is taking place, but over three movies? Are fans that patient? And the hotel in the desert run with a hydrogen fuel cell in every room? Okay, now that was the first new-gen Bond movie with an old school uber-improbable twist.


There were a few things that took away from it for me. We seem to have totally forgotten that Bond is a newly minted 00 from the last movie and everyone acts as though this Bond has been around forever. M seemed to have lost a bit of her edge. And the hotel set-piece for the climax made no sense. Why the hell was there this hydrogen powered hotel in the middle of nowhere that seemed to be abandoned except for the bad guys and 1 victim, not mention it seemed to be built out of paper-mache and conveniently have hydrogen tanks in every room.


What I liked - Awesome extended combat scenes showing what a badass fighter this Bond is. This Bond BLEEDS, and kicks ass. The chick covered in oil was a nice homage to the Man with the Golden Gun.

What I didn't like - The stupid nuclear hotel. The weak plot (stealing water?). The lack of gadgets. And M having a mommy twist. I much liked the nasty bitch M from the previous movie.


My nits are relatively minor against the rest of the movie. I think it is one of the better Bond movies. Great action and Craig makes a great Bond. Overall 3.5 martini-drinking hotel-burning flying monkeys.


My rating - 3.0 falcons, licensed to kill.

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