Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain vs. McCain

I stumbled across this, so if someone finds the same thing for Obama point me to it so that I can give both candidates equal time in the debate... the debate vs. themselves.

And yes, I know that it is easy to snip things out of context, though in a lot of these it's obvious that he's contradicting himself. There's nothing wrong with changing your mind on an issue, just be upfront and don't try to play it both ways. Again, I'm sure there are examples of Obama doing the same thing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't bother, the fix is in. President Obamanation is all but assured now. The character assassination of Sarah Palin has grown to legondary proportions, McCain keeps taking the highroad in the debates, and no mater how many times Obama says 'uh' in an off-teleprompter speech or gaffs (57 states?), the press will never show it. Even if someone put up a similar clip for Obama, his brown shirt 'truth squad' would get it removed, youtube would sensor it (as is common with anything conservative), and the obamanauts would hack any positive commentors and sell their social security numbers.

Palin-Jindal 2012!


5:53 PM  

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