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d20 UTH: More class for 4e multi-class

I always get ideas when I can't act on them, and by the time I can I get distracted. At work I had a flash on how to give a little more cookie so that it felt like there was real benefit to multi-classing rather than spending half of your feats by the time you are 10th level and having no net gain, just swapped powers.

I say half because the initial feats are still worthwhile. Anyhow, after the jump is my current draft for multi-class feats. Hopefully I'll get some feedback, namely whether it's enough to make them worthwhile now.


Multi-classing is covered in the Heroic Tier by 4 feats. The class that you multi-classed into is referred to as the second class. In feat titles, x is the second class.

Student [x]
Choose the Class-Specific Feat for your second class. You must meet the prerequisites of that feat.

Novice [x]
Prerequisites: Student [x] Feat, 4th level.
Benefits: You can swap one encounter attack power you know for one encounter attack power of the same level or lower from your second class. Add +1 to the Defense that the class provides the highest bonus. In the event of a tie, choose one of the highest Defenses.

Acolyte [x]
Prerequisites: Student [x] Feat, 8th level.
Benefits: You can swap one utility power you know for one utility power of the same level or lower from your second class. Also add a +2 bonus to 1 skill from your second class skill list.

Adept [x]
Prerequisites: Student [x] Feat, 10th level
Benefits: You can swap one daily attack power know for one daily attack power of the same level or lower from your second class. In addition, you gain a second use of the special ability gained from the Student [x] Feat. As an example a character with Rogue as a second class would be able to use Sneak Attack twice per encounter.

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Blogger Bartoneus said...

I think that the 10th level change to use your secondary class ability twice as often is very interesting. Cleric's would get healing word twice per day, Fighter would get a +1 to hit and mark twice per encounter, etc. I think this helps, but in general most of the changes you've made are insignificant.

They really just seem like you're making them to feel better about multi-classing, instead of actually changing how it works in any way.

"spending half of your feats by the time you are 10th level and having no net gain, just swapped powers." - It's 2/3 of your feats, and there is no net gain in powers but there's net gain in ability. A fighter/wizard can spend one feat to get a ranged blast 3 attack (which marks all enemies in it), how is that NOT an increase in character power?

4:17 AM  
Anonymous Aaron Alberg said...

I'm not sure if you objects are better or too good. How about this idea to tone down the power increase but still help the "chain" be worthwhile.

- standard fourth edition feats

Existing power swap feats
- no change

Feat: [Class] Master
Prerequisite: Initiate plus all three power swap feats for [Class].
Benefit: Add one of the 1st level at-will powers from [Class] to your list of powers.

This is not too powerful because the initial power swap feat chain is underpowered. Also, adding an at-will power doesn't increase character power much because you already have two unlimited use options. You don't lose one of your existing at-wills because it's not needed to balance in the special case of 1st level at-wills.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Easy house rule to make it worth while- just give the second class the class features- ie. pact intitiate would not only get the at will converted to an encounter, and a trained skill, but also get the pact boon for the pact he/she chooses, get the prime shot, shadow walk, and warlocks curse... since they count as a members of that class, they should get the class features, but not the class powers(at-will, encounter, utility, daily).

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

this especially makes sense since several paragon powers are based on your warlocks curse ability-- which would be useless for a pact intitiate multilclassed character to take the warlock pargon path opened to him/her by taking the feat.

7:02 PM  

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