Sunday, August 10, 2008

Paris for Prez?

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What's sad is that whoever wrote this has a better energy plan than either candidate. Both parties right now are pissing me off with their political theater. The Democrats don't want to piss off the liberal environmentalists and the Republicans are in the pockets of Big Oil.

My concern right now is that by September 30th, when the moratorium on offshore drilling expires and the Congress is forced to vote on the issue, is that when the Republicans "win", they'll assume it will be enough now and be done with it. But drilling a little more oil won't solve the long-term issues, and I'm not talking about environmental issues here. Unless we make a major shift away from oil consumption the little extra we gain from new drilling will just be a blip and in a few years we will be back exactly where we are now.

My question is: if oil goes up $50 a barrel, and it doesn't cost Exxon any more to pull it out of the ground, where does that extra money go? Somehow the speculators need to be cut out of the loop. They and the oil companies are getting rich off us. I know that's not very capitalistic, but I'm tired of being bent over an oil barrel.



Anonymous The Illustrious Ms E said...

The problem is, we have to modify the entire transportation infrastructure, which is not nearly as difficult as changing the car culture...Personally, I vote for an SUV-minivan tax, to be put into improving public transportation...

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snork! Yeah, like that won't piss of 3/4 of the car driving public? What I find 'ironic' is the 'big this' and 'big that' BS we keep hearing. LETS SCREW THE OIL COMPANIES! Yeah, that 11% profit they made is a real obamanation :-0
Lets start going after every company that makes a profit more than 11%. We can begin with lawyers, hollywood, these so called green industries, etc.
This is not an easy fix, and based on national (domestic) oil reserves, it doesn't have to be fixed, just drilled. Alternative fuels are in the pipe (pardon the pun), but more than 25 years away. Drill & fill it for now. I like McCain's saying to build 100 more nuke plants, smartest thing any of the asshats have said. Especially the House Speakers fingers in her ears going (nya-nya) crap. More nuke plants? Clean, safe, green. He's got my vote. But I still would have liked Romney.


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