Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whedon on Buffy Season 8

Well, it sucks that Whedon is off Wonder Woman, but here is an interview with Whedon mostly about Buffy Season 8.

Not really much else... as I put in a comment, I haven't been feeling "bloggy" that past few days. But I'm sure that I'll soon find something pointless to rant about, like when are they going to get the cajones just to kill off Lana on Smallville?

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Blogger KNH said...

(1) You posted. Yay!
(2) I'm glad he's off Wonder Woman. He made the point that it didn't spiral into an editing feud where the script ends up as crap because it's a bunch of compromises and nobody's following their muse/passion.
(3) I was HIGHLY irritated when Lana resurfaced in the bizarro Clark episode. She's so boring and moody and pretty but BORING.

7:40 PM  

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