Sunday, February 04, 2007

Already thought of...

On the way home from ritual last night, I got the idea to start a new blog specifically for my spiritual musings and pagan topics. More I thought about it, the more I liked it. I've recently felt like I'd been neglecting my spiritual life, and it might help to have someplace specific to articulate things and encourage me to do more digging.

Given the Celtic nature of my pagan beliefs, I began brainstorming for a suitable name for a place to put down my ramblings. A title came to me: Knotty Thoughts. I began to visualize a cool Celtic knotwork theme, with some Book of the Kells inspired lettering for the title. Then my Voice of Reason spoke up.

"Better Google that first."

Sure enough, someone had thought of it, only not in the same context as me. It was a bondage movie. And either a popular one, or there were multiple takes on the same phrase from all of the Google hits.

Crap. Back to the drawing board. Maybe I could use my Welshified term for druid that I had occasionally made use of? It wasn't a real word, I had just changed the last letter from a single "d" to a Welsh "dd". Odds are no one else would have used it.

Except for one or more gamers that is, who use druidd as ahandle and character names.

Currently, I'm thinking about "Knot on the Head", again playing on the Celtic knotwork theme and reflecting some of my spiritual experiences where I feel like instead of being subtly guided I've been hit over the head. That or something with Druid Oz, a handle I've use, but may confused people thinking I'm an ADF grove in Australia.


Blogger Sherri said...

Now that Blogger lets you tag posts, instead of creating a new blog why not just post in your current blog but tag them as spirituality? Unless you want it on a different blog so not everyone has the address? :)

Saturday was kind of weird. Now that I'm not gaming anymore it's like I'm totally out of the loop conversation-wise.

5:16 AM  
Blogger Oz said...

You, know, Keith suggested that you join a game. You could hang out with us once every other week, get a game fix, and Keith and Jamie could start their secret project to build a viking longship on your pond.

Opps, wasn't supposed to mention that part.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

I like the idea of a Pagan Blog...Another idea might be a group one?

4:29 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

I considered that as well, just didn't know if there'd be an interest. If there is, I'd be game.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Flaire said...

(1) I feel sorry for Sherri - having been there myself. I don't know why she quit, and I'm not trying to change her mind in the least; but all I can say is hang in there - there is life after gaming....
(2) have you checked out good resource, unless you are in New Mexico...
(3) alternatives? Knotty Thoughts of Oz ...ew, that hits too close to home. Um, Knotty Grove?

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

Knot Another Pagan Blog...Knot Your Average Pagan Blog...??

Non-Fluffy Pagans (taken unfortunately!)...

Knotty But Nice...HA!

Are you in love with the 'knot' idea, or can suggestions be in another direction?

2:29 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

No, I'm not hung up on the "knot" idea. It was just the first thing that came to mind and played well for an artistic theme.

6:56 PM  
Blogger KNH said...

Four days without a post? Now you seem like me.... :)

1:22 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

Haven't been feeling very bloggy, though I have something I'll prob throw up to share.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

Oh yeah, and Blogham is already being used. :(

3:23 PM  

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