Saturday, November 18, 2006

Putting it in type

My friend Greg, who GMs Rolemaster, is joining my D&D campaign. I've been pretty stoked about it because I'm hoping he can appreciate the depth of the campaign world my players and I have spent something like 10 years building. It's kind of like being a cook and having another cook try your food for the first time.

Then I realized a stumbling block. A few years ago I suffered a hard drive crash which ate the files on the campaign world. At the time it was inconvenient, but I had lots of stuff on paper, and my players were so familiar with the campaign world that they didn't need references. If someone said "Hey, let's go to Morymar!", they knew it was a dangerous idea and that if they did go, they needed to be ready for Morymar.

But now things that we've been taking for granted won't be obvious to Greg. He has no idea what a vagisto is, or who Moralists serve. Unlike by-the-book D&D, my world doesn't have a Common Tongue and death isn't quite the revolving door it is in regular games (or Marvel Comics). He doesn't know that it's a bad idea to wear wizard robes to Alba or challenge a druid to a barroom brawl.

I guess it's time to get writing.


Anonymous lbfh said...

Oh, I'm guessing that I'll figure things out soon enough.

Bard Sorcerors don't do much robe wearin' anyway.

All I need now is a good name. Ffreezal McGeezolump is the first that came to mind, so I must discard it.

11:11 AM  

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