Wednesday, December 14, 2005

If I don't believe in Hell...

...why should I have to go there?

I received a call today, from my boss.

Boss: "Uh, Oz?"
Oz: "Yeah?"
Boss: "Has anyone called you yet?"
Oz: "Called me about what?" (alarms going off)
Boss: "Well, GM (general manager) called last night... and this isn't permanent... but they need you to goes to Store YZX to help out."
Oz: "Help out? (thinking please let this just be going to train someone)
Boss: "They have some management issues, and the PPM quit, so they need you to go hold the PP end of the business together through the holiday."
Oz: "..."
Boss: "Oz?"
Oz: "What about their supervisor?"
Boss: "I don't know. I was just told they need your help."
Oz: "As opposed to the store I'm helping now, with a new PPM and Physical Inventory in 6 weeks."
Boss: "Yeah."

Store YZX is what I affectionately refer to as Hell On Earth. It almost drove me to a nervous breakdown last time I worked there (as an Inventory Manager), it's in a bad part of town, and it must be thouroughly jacked up.

The only good news is that my sentence was parlayed down to 2 days next week and 1 day the following.

Juh Shi Suh Mo Go Dohng Shee?


Blogger Sherri said...

Is this the Hassleton circle of hell or the west 38th circle of hell?

6:22 PM  
Blogger Oz said...

w 38th. At least there's people I like at Hassleton (and it's close).

7:18 PM  

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