Saturday, October 06, 2007

20 years later

So today was my 20-year college reunion. The fact that I am already posting about it at 4:15 in the afternoon tells you how much fun I had (it's roughly an hour drive). I'm guessing the game is almost over against whatever team we imported so that we wouldn't be embarrassed on homecoming.

It wasn't horrible. And I already knew how much the campus had changed from an earlier visit, so that wasn't a shocker. But back when I was in college I ran with a small circle of close friends and other than that I was pretty reserved (sound familiar?). None of my old friends were at the reunion. There were a few people I recognized, and a few that remembered me, but none that I really hung out with back in the day.

It was kind of weird, looking at people and trying to see through the years, catching glimpses that matched my memories. The years have been kinder to some than others, and I fall in the middle of that pack. Two years (and 43 pounds) ago and I probably would have been too embarrassed to show up.



Blogger KNH said...

At least you were invited...I was not invited to my 5, 10, or 15-year reunions. Someone told me about the 5 because they happened to pass it. The other two are a mystery, though I heard there were 20 people out of 483 at the 10.

Or, I can choose to believe my paranoia that the organizer said, "Nicole? Eh. What an airhead. don't invite her."

Is it paranoia if it's true??

9:23 PM  

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