Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am a game

I went into my local Burger King, as I've been doing almost every Saturday for the last few years. I get a newspaper, read it while I have lunch, then go do my grocery shopping.

Since I order the same thing every time, some of the employees know what I want. It's not uncommon for me not to have to say anything other than "thank you" and "have a nice day". Yes, I'm a very polite customer, I used to work in food. And I find it especially gratifying when so slow-thinking person that took forever to order watches in dismay as my order is ready almost immediately while they have to wait for theirs.

But on to the game.

When I went in yesterday, the women working the counter literally rushed to have my order rung up and waiting by the time I walked through the line to the counter (there was no one in front of me).

From the sounds of it (it was around a corner and in Spanish), it amuses them as much as it amuses me and has become a game to see how quick they can get my order ready.

Now if only I could get the grocery store to play the "have my cart of groceries waiting at the checkout" game.



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