Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy... Halloween?

I was in the grocery store yesterday and they already had the Halloween candy out. Not just extra-large bags of regular candy, but actual Halloween-themed candy.

Almost 3 bloody months before the holiday. Which means I should expect to see Christmas stuff the beginning of October. Oh, wait... I will.

There should be a rule:
No Halloween stuff until October 1.
No Thanksgiving stuff until after Halloween.
No Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.

And no Valentine's Day stuff.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

A book you may want to be aware of -- just out

Harry has gone -- but Dorothy returns
Burbank, Calif. -- Oct. 2, 2007 -- Alpimar Books announces the publication of Halloween in Oz: Dorothy Returns -- BOOK ONE of its series of stories set in a magical world that readers have heard of, but know so little about, the Land of Oz. With 553 pages, the book is written in the fuller style of twentieth-first century fantasy, yet keeping the spirit of, and remaining in the era of, L. Frank Baum’s classic: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, published in 1900.

Those who miss Harry Potter and grieve for Hermione will welcome Dorothy Gale back. And Dorothy is as feisty as Hermione ever was. Some of the boys at school in rural Kansas call her a spitfire when they tease her about her tale of Oz. But Dorothy is right. Oz was not simply a dream, as portrayed in the famous movie, but a real place -- as it was for Baum. And in Halloween in Oz, it is revealed that the Land of Oz is part of a larger alternate Earth, a world called Alpimar -- where magic reigns, not science and technology.

It’s a few months after the tornado, and Dorothy wants to return to Oz for many reasons: to prove to herself that Oz does exist, to escape for a while the boredom of 1900 Kansas where only boys are expected to do so many things, and to find an old tintype that she lost there -- the only picture she had of her deceased parents. Then, finally, the ghostly voices of her parents in a Halloween-night dream summon her back.

Dorothy discovers that the opportunity for evil witchcraft is at its peak during the Ozian Halloween -- which lasts for a "witch-week" of thirteen days! She finds old friends, like Scarecrow, Tin-man, Lion, the Munchkins, and new friends, like a mysterious boy with purple hair, a flight of bats, and her Kansas pumpkin-head magically brought to life. These join Dorothy and Toto in what becomes a battle to save Oz.

Web site --

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