Saturday, August 04, 2007


I had two "big rocks" to go after when I started actually trying to lose weight. One was to get down to 200 pounds, which even though I've made a lot of progress since I started, I seemed to be stalled just under 210.

The other was to get down to a 36 waist.

Last year I needed a pair of grey jeans for my Firefly LARP costume and I bought a comfortable pair of 40s. Yesterday I was shopping and on a lark decided to buy a pair of 36 jeans, as my 38s had been getting loose. I didn't expect to be able to wear them, at least not comfortably, but it would give me a goal to shoot for and hopefully motivate me.

They fit fine and I wore them out. Granted, they are relaxed fit and may shrink a little when I was them, but if anything, it has motivated me more because I was feeling like I've made so little progress the past couple of months.



Blogger KNH said...

VERY cool. Congratulations!

Maybe it's not so much that you're losing weight right now, but that the work at the gym means you're redistributing to muscle.

Nicely done.

3:46 PM  

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