Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pirates 3: At World's End

I seem to be in the minority regarding the final installment of the Pirates Trilogy. While I really liked the movie, most critics and fellow geeks did not. While the response has not been as bad as Spider-Man 3, it has been lukewarm.

It actually makes me glad that I didn't read any reviews before hand. And it made me reconsider my review. But I review movies based on *my* enjoyment, not how I think other people will enjoy it. So I will elaborate a little. I won't actually give anything away, but you might be able to put things together based on what I'll say, so I'll put in a spoiler warning.

Avast, here there be spoilers!

I thought that the second movie was too frivolous. And while this movie does have some of that, it's not to the indulgement degree of Dead Man's Chest. And this movie is definately darker. It's not a movie for the kiddies, and saw many, many parents ignore the PG13 rating and some leave with their kids. While the violence is not particularly bloody, seeing the concubine-bodyguard shot in the head is not Disney Channel fare. And it's not just anonymous extras that die. Not everyone survives the trilogy.

Also, I expected them to take a cop-out on the ending. It would have been so easy to do, I could see it setting up in my mind's eye and fully expected them to take the route, but they didn't. Bravo.

Once the crowds die down, I'll go see it again.

My score remains 4.5 of 5 pirate-king flying-monkeys.



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