Saturday, April 28, 2007


Yes, I somehow skipped 211. The numbers have been bouncing around 212 to 214 since I hit 212, to the point that I was afraid I'd hit another wall after only 1 pound then it fell to 210. I had to weigh myself again after the first time, but it's solidly 210.

I went into one of the stores I used to work at this week and one of the employees saw me and the first thing they asked was "how much have you lost?" People that see me frequently don't notice when I've lost a pound or two, heck I can't see the difference of a pound or two, so it feels good to get those kind of remarks.

I need to make sure to ask my friend Sherri to take a picture at Beltane with me standing in the same position as I am in my diet picture, so that I can compare the two side by side. That also means I need to take my kilt to the dry cleaners to get a good cleaning and pressing, because ironing it after I was it is a pain in the arse.



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