Thursday, October 19, 2006

Too sick to be executed?

In this article you can read where a man that murdered a family now claims he shouldn't be executed because he's too fat and diabetic.

I feel my dark side coming on...


What makes me sick are the resources we spend warehousing animals like this. This case has been dragging on for 17 years, and not only have we been supporting this bastard, we've been paying the continue the prosecutions and appeals. Throw the fucking switch already. I bet he wasn't worried about how humane it was when he gunned down those kids and their parents in a pit. The fuck deserves some pain.

That's the problem with our system... we coddle criminals. We are so worried about their rights that the system doesn't deter them. While I may be "liberal" with some stuff, guys like this deserve to die and we need to quit warehousing them. If you can't reform them there is no reason to keep them around or worse yet, turn them back loose into society.

That whole controversy regarding tracking child predators because we're worried about whether or not they'll attack someone else... I have an easy solution. It's called a wood chipper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask me sometime about the guy at work who wanted to go on disability because he had high cholesterol and fallen arches...

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops...I was a little too quick with the smart ass comment there, and didn't see the whole post before I opened my Big Mouth (TM)...

I am with you for the most part on this one...There was an Arizona governor a while back (maybe he still is, dunno) who had some good ideas about prison being, um, a punishment?

It always rankled with me that my cousin, who has committed many, many, many *serious* felonies, has opportunities for a full free college education, satellite TV, access to a full gym, and gods know what else, while I try and pinch some pennies to see if I can afford cable with my next raise...(The extent of *my* criminal history being one ticket for forgetting to renew my licence plates...)

OK, rant over! *grin*

9:25 PM  

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