Sunday, October 29, 2006

Refrigerator Archeology

Do you know what a mummified orange looks like? Because I think that I found one... next to the cheese from 2002. As one of my friends said, 2002 was a good year for cheese, but not in 2006. I don't even know whose cheese it was, it was some sort of round, white cheese that someone brought over for a party and was never opened.

For some reason during the "clean-up" for my annual Halloween party I decided to clean out my fridge, which had become full of abandoned, half finished soda bottles, leftovers, and remains from parties. Being a feral bachelor, I don't much worry about the contents of my fridge, but I had several 2 liters of soda for the party and little space for it.

Out of everything that I threw away, I think two were things that I had at some point bought. While my memory sucks (I have a hardware store worth of lightbulbs because I keep forgetting that I have them and buy more), I can tell because most of the stuff was food/drink I wouldn't buy.

When I was done, there was my soda, Keith's Diet Mt Dew stash (all sealed bottles - I only pitched open bottles), Weasel's apple cider (still good until 11/05/06 - the year is important), green punch (that I had just bought to make green stuff), beer, and a steak I had just bought (Ar Ar Ar). So yes, the only food in my fridge was a slab of meat. Of course, my freezer has a stack of tv dinners, but I didn't clean it out.


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