Thursday, October 19, 2006


I really like this series. I got to watch the most recent episode again with some friends and we discussed it quite a bit afterwards. We even invented a drinking game...

Heroes Drinking Game Rules:
1) Whenever the Symbol (looks like part of a DNA helix broken off, poss. RNA) is shown, everyone drinks.

2) Everyone needs to pick a hero. Every time that hero uses their power, the person that picked that hero must drink.

3) Every time two heroes meet, the people that chose those heroes drink.

4) If the hero you chose is "defeated" (knocked out or captured), you must finish your drink.

And if you've missed the first few epsiodes, it's easy to catch up...

NBC Heroes site

Fan site & forums

Ya ta!


Blogger KNH said...

Gregory accuses you of being wrong about knowing your steel in this post. Please settle this. Who is right, and who is the biggest loser?

10:57 AM  

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