Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Party

Sorry, my camera died so I have no pictures. Then again I would have probably forgotten to take pictures. Only four of us were in costume anyways...
Me (my Firefly LARP character)
Greg (his Firefly LARP character)
Nicole (a Hill-Betty gas station attendant)
Carlton (Scuba-Ninja!)

Given that there were only three other people, it was a pretty small party. And two of those had to leave early.

As my circle of friends gets older, more of them have responsibilities that preclude things like parties. Not that I didn't have fun with the people that was there, I had a good time and I'm grateful that people made it. I guess I'm just afraid one of these years it will just be me, the cat and a pitcher of Green Stuff.

Speaking of Green Stuff, kudos to Nicole for bringing the large test tubes that we drank this year's batch from. Since you couldn't set the tube down, you had to finish your drink if you didn't want to hold it.

Maybe we should have followed through on the notion of going to the party that Greg stumbled into (literally) looking for my house. I bet my pitcher of Green Stuff would have made some friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A ScubaNinja haiku:

Green Stuff is tasty
But it has the kick of ninja
My head did suffer

Thanks for having us over! We're already looking forward to next year!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yes, Green Stuff prevents accurate counting of syllables.

7:49 AM  
Blogger KNH said...

I had a lot of fun Saturday night, even if ScubaNinja nearly made me cry! :)

I sort of disagree that people's responsibilities preclude parties. My parents always had lots of parties and attended lots of parties when I was younger.

I think our generation plays socially very close to the vest, and many young parents opt to stay at home instead of hiring a sitter (brand new parents are a diff story of course). Are we freakishly worried that every babysitter is an axe murderer, or are we just safer than our parents? But it's not just about having kids...I have seen some of my good friends marry and then totally disappear into the spousal relationship.

I humbly submit that society is better when we reach out more to each other, not just our families.

DISCLAIMER: the immediate members of my family are my best friends, so you can call this all hypocrisy.

Me loves the green stuff. Keep cranking out the recipes!!

9:56 AM  
Blogger CeltiaSkye said...

Trust me, I would have loved to come to your party. I'm going stir crazy here at home all day but right now we have to put Jamie's needs first. Maybe in the future we can get a sitter for both him and Brenna.

I remember the days when I was childless and thought I knew everything about childrearing...

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It's not every day you can actually stumble into the wrong house and wrong party. But I did just that! It was hilarious, once I realized what I had done.

Thanks for the green stuffz... Tast-ay.

And to Finish, a Haiku!
Food, Drink, Fun, Friends, Talk:
The perfect get together.
Dammit! Wrong Address.

9:23 AM  

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