Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bar observation

I went to the Blue Crew Sports Grill, a new bar that is within staggering distance of home. It was my second trip there, and while I was a little disappointed the the bartender/poster-girl from my first visit wasn't working, one of the bartenders tonight was very cute.

Of course, with beer comes philosophy, especially when you have nothing better to do than pretend to watch the World Series while you eavesdrop and people watch.

First I pondered the difference between cute and hot. While the two are by no means exclusive, it is possible to have one without the other. Of course, the next question is what is better: cute or hot? In the case of the bartenders, I'd pick the "cute" one over the "hot" one (as if that would ever be a dilemma that I'd face :) ). In general, that's the way I lean. But it may be because I tend to like smarter girls, and the notion of a cute geek girl is much more appealing than a vapid but hot airhead.

Whatever. I'm several beers in and trying to stay awake because I have a late night tomorrow.

I also noticed that even if you're an obnoxious drunk, if you're an outgoing Type-A personality, you'll still be popular with women. I was stuck sitting next to the loudest drunk in the bar, so between his antics I got to hear one woman seeking to set him up with her friend, watch him entertain a table of four women on a girls' night out, and finally have another woman practically ready to bear his children. And it wasn't like he was that great looking (at least as well as I can judge such things).

So the lesson is if you are assertive and gregarious, you're in luck. But if you are quiet and reserved, you're screwed. But only figuratively.

OK, I need to find something else to keep me entertained for a couple of hours.


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