Monday, August 14, 2006

More gay gamer stuff in media

This time it was the Indianapolis Star with this article. While overall the article, which focuses on attempts to increase diversity among gamers, is fine, and certainly not the denigrating piece of trash published by Indianapolis Monthly, the lead paragraph is very misleading, implying that the stereotypical gamer is gay.

WTF? A friend and I discussed this article and agreed that the percentage of gay gamers is probably not much different than the rest of the population, but since most gamers are used to being somewhat social pariahs that they are less judgemental regarding individuals, so gay gamers are more likely to be "out". Also, since role-playing games tend to draw people with more theatrical tendencies, many of those out gamers are more flamboyant.

But most of us are still straight. And seeing as I have enough trouble getting a date, I don't need "oh, he's a gamer, he must be gay" added to the obstacles. Call me selfish.


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