Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ozling's fired

Ozling would rather dress up as a pirate and ride his vampire sheep than do his job as my fitness coach, so I fired him and joined another gym. The MegaGym near my house wasn't as expensive as I thought, I get a discount on the enrollment because of work, and I decided to put some of my annual bonus to good use.

Now all I need to do is develop a crush on someone at the MegaGym so that I go there regularly. It's not stalking if I have a membership is it? Too bad the sales counselor that helped me probably won't be sticking around because she is going to get a job related to her degree... she was cute. Not like the "hot gym chick", just very cute.

She was probably surprised at what an easy sale I was, because she mentioned a couple of times how quiet I was. I had made up my mind that if membership fell below a certain price point then I was going to sign up. But if I told her that up front I wouldn't have gotten to spend half an hour with her giving me a tour of the place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have 6 months until my 40th b-day to lose the weight. Think Ozling would travel to the southwest for a couple of months?

10:11 PM  

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