Friday, February 10, 2006

Taunting Fate

Last weekend during my tribe's Imbolc ritual's toast & boast, someone brought up the Powerball, which at the time was up to $210 million. I made the comment that I should buy a ticket for our tribe. And today I did, with the jackpot up to $250 million.

While Logical Oz realizes that these three sets of numbers have exactly the same odds as any other three sets of numbers, Whimsical Oz thinks the odds are slightly better just because it would be too damned funny to see a tribe of pagans win a Powerball jackpot.

And no Ozling, I'm not going to do any "magic" or pray to win. Because then if one of these numbers did win, I'd be convinced I was going to get hit by a comet just so that the universe can balance things out.


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