Sunday, August 07, 2005


A lot of movie remakes of television shows either make fun of the source material (Brady Bunch movie) or revamp it with super-slick modern production (Lost in Space). The Dukes of Hazzard does neither, staying pretty true to the source material. Fans of the original show will enjoy the movie. If you hated the original... then don't bother.

Seann William Scott and the General Lee stole the show. I was braced for Stifler Duke, and while Scott was a bit more ... energetic than John Schneider (and a lot more in love with the General Lee), he didn't get carried away. Johnny Knoxville just kind of cruised along, playing off Scott. Willie Nelson was dead on for Uncle Jesse. And of course, everyone wants to hear that Jessica Simson sucked. Well, she didn't do a bad job, probably because the script didn't require her to do too much. But I've seen much more talented actresses give really painful performances. Besides, we all know why Jessica's on the screen. :)

Some people didn't like Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg but I did. It wasn't Sorrel Brook's Boss Hogg, but I didn't miss the Boss Hogg/Roscoe buffoonery of the original.

The movie itself follows the tradition DoH formula, but the pace of the movie made you forget it was 2 hours long. It even included the tradional opening song, the Balladeer, and the freeze shots where there would be commercials in the tv show.

Be sure to stay at the end for Willie's performance and the outtakes. When Jessica starts singing you can leave.

Rating this movie is kind of hard. I really enjoyed it... but it is just the Dukes of Hazzard, not Lucas or Spielberg. Oh, right... Revenge of the Sith.

Four Rebel-yelling flying monkeys.


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