Sunday, August 07, 2005

Movie catch up

I've seen a lot of movies I never got around to giving reviews on here.

The Island - 3.5 flying cloned monkeys
I liked McGregor and Johansenn in their roles, Buscemi was great but the story had some holes. And the damned director nixed Scarlett's request to do a nude scene. :(

War of the World - 4 Martian flying monkeys
Good acting, despite the fact that I wanted to dislike Tom Cruise. Wait a minute... did I review this already?

Fantastic Four - 3.5 Cosmic flying monkeys
Overall pretty good, but Doom could have been better and made for a better final fight. And Jessica Alba's skintight bluesuit gets a thumbs up.

Crap... I know I've seen more movies than this. Friggin' Ozheimers.


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