Monday, June 28, 2010

Battleship Yamato Trailer

I remember getting up early to watch Starblazers on Channel 44 when I was a kid. I hope that this movie makes it to the states... it's chock full of nostalgia. I just wish the trailer showed the Wave-Motion Gun actually firing.

See more at io9.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost pissed myself. I'd heard a couple years ago it was under development, but figured it suffered the same fate as Alas Babylon, Atlas Shrugged, or the Akira live action movie. It will make it here, one way or another, but don't expect a wide market release. Probably adapted (translated) for cable.
BTW - they showed the wave motion gun, just only the final firing sequence. You know they're saving that for us fanboys. I wonder if fanboy translates into Nippon?


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