Saturday, March 07, 2009

I watched the Watchmen

Reviews have been all over the board for Watchmen. Some hate it, some like it, I think it depends on a couple of things. It's not a movie that everyone will get, and I just don't mean if you've read the graphic novel. You have to have the right kind of mind, able to adapt and accept creative realities. If not you lose enjoyment worrying about things like how Nixon was able to get term limits appealed instead of being able to absorb the information that establishes the framework for this alternate 80's. It also depends on if you review movies as entertainment for from some sort of "intellectually critical" standpoint. Everyone who has read this blog for a while knows I pay to be entertained.

And Watchmen is very entertaining. Is it chaotic? Sure. Does it make a few leaps people might not get, especially if they haven't read the story? Yes. Is it chock full of awesome? Hell yes. I saw it on IMAX last night and I'm toying with seeing it again.

The movie is highly faithful to the source material, more than I would have expected. There have been a couple of changes, most likely necessary to keep it from bloating into a behemoth of Jacksonian proportions. But there is a lot of detail and it makes the most of its two and a half hours. If you don't pay attention you'll miss a lot of details (Welcome Vietnam... our 51st state!)

Go watch the Watchmen.

4.5 of 5 mask-wearing blue-glowing flying monkeys.

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