Saturday, March 28, 2009

Global Warming isn't new

While researching for my marvel 1941 campaign I stumbled across Modern Mechanix, one of a multitude of interesting sites that look at how we used to view technology and the future.

Ths article caught my eye. Looks like in the late 50's some people were blaming atomic bombs for changing climate and this article refutes that theory.

Maybe Al Gore should read it?

Now don't get me wrong, I think we should avoid polluting where possible. But I'm not going to live on a compost heap in a hippie commune eating organic grass-trimming to do so. I'm in favor of hybrid cars and wind energy. One of the negative side effects of gas prices going down is that the sales of hybrids plummeted and SUVs rose again.

But I also tire of the self-righteousness of many in the Green Movement, not to mention the hypocrisy (is that a hybrid jet, Al?). The climate is changing, but it is not all due to us. I think we should do what we can to mitigate our impact, but I'm not going to become Amish. But I won't join those who hate eco-friendly ideas just because they come from the left. And we need to get off the oil. We won't because the oil companies have too much money in Washington, so they don't care if we are beholden to foreign powers for 70% of our oil because we pay them for the other 30%. Highest profiting company? Exxon. Bet they don't want to see us go solar/wind/nuclear.

And yes, in Ozzistan we'd use nuclear power, along with green means. Nuclear power is safe enough. Hybrid cars until full electric becomes practical. Improved recycling, nature preserves, green buffers, reduced industrial emissions all would play a part in Ozzistan's ecological policy.

What the hell did I start off talking about?

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