Saturday, February 07, 2009

More PHB II info

As more info trickles out on the new classes and races I find myself of two minds. Cynical Curmudgeon Oz wants to rail against WotC for soaking us for more money, still not showing us the monk, and making up a bunch of classes no one asked for just to fill books. World-Builder Oz immediately starts thinking of ways to incorporate new stuff into his campaign world, which he blew up and remade for 4e. And as soon as I told a player about the warden, he replied that now we know what class a certain NPC is.

There was a DDXP (D&D Experience) only a couple of hours away, but I didn't go. I could say it was because it was on my tribe's Imbolc night, but truth is I didn't even know about it after the fact because I stopped following WotC's site closely since most of the content went to subscription only.

Anyways, look here for some PHB II goodies. And Ft. Wayne? What the frak? If you're going to have a DDXP in Indiana, you should use Indianapolis, home of Gen Con. (Okay, I live in Indy, so I may not be 100% objective).

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