Friday, January 09, 2009

I'm a Tinker

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The Tinker

Ninja, Robot, Punk, Cowboy

The solitary tinker is detached from the world at large, forever deep in thought analyzing or inventing something. They are fond of games, puzzles, mathematics and language, with the task they are performing secondary to the mastery of the logic involved. They are relatively easygoing and likable enough, but when their beliefs are trod upon they become outspoken and inflexible, and while they do not want to make a spectacle of themselves they will defend their point of view vociferously. They are quite critical, of themselves and others, and they will correct imprecise language or thought, and consistently second guess themselves, often predicting impending failure. This lack of trust (in themselves and others) leads them to pursue solitary careers, leaving them aloof and detached, lost in the workshop of their own mind.

Tinkers often fall into Schizoid behavioral patterns, with an indifference to social relationships and a limited range of emotional expression. They take pleasure in only a few solitary activities, and keep only a few close friends (often relatives), pushing aside all others and things. This emotional frigidity leaves them detached and indifferent to praise and criticism.

Famous tinkers include Socrates, Descartes, Newton, C.G. Jung and Albert Einstein.

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Thinker, too...

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