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Is Starbuck a Cylon?

Anyone who follows BSG (Battlestar Galactica), knows that this is the big question for the beginning arc of Season 4. In Season 3, Starbuck went coocoo for cocoa puffs and chased a hallucination into a gas giant, resulting in the destruction of her ship. Her demise was witnessed by Lee "I don't know what the hell I want" Adama.

Then at end of the last episode of Season 3, when a huge Cylon force has the fleet pinned down, Starbuck shows up in her Viper, saying she's been to Earth and can lead the fleet there.

Warning - there be monsters spoilers after the jump!

According to Starbuck, she blacked out in the gas giant, woke up above Earth, took pictures, blacked out and showed back up at the fleet. According to her ship clock it has been 6 hours. But the ship is brand new and has no nav data.

The logical explanation: she's a Cylon and this is a Cylon trick. We also know there is one Cylon model left to be revealed. Some Cylons have had a fascination with Starbuck, and there's that whole her drawing mystic symbols that match stuff on the way to Earth.

Since that is the obvious answer, it has to be wrong. Unless of course the writers expect us to think that way, so it's a double cross. But then if we know that they'd know... wait a minute, where was I?

If Starbuck is not the elusive Fifth, someone else has to be, and ther has to be some sort of explanation for what has happened with her since her Viper went boom. (Please, Gods of Kobol, not the White Light Bastards from the original series.)

Who else is the Fifth?

Bill Adama? No. He's had plenty of kids and that would also just be too sacrilegious even for these writers.

Lee Adama? No. He's Bill's kid and while Cylons have a tendency to be bat-shit crazy, I don't think that they are programmed to be wishy-washy.

Gaius Baltar? No. That would wash away his whole bat-shit craziness and they wouldn't have needed Six to seduce him to begin with.

Laura Roselyn? Strong maybe. It would be ironic, she's currently leading them the wrong way, and she's had the same visions as the Six in the brig.

My left field pick... Tom Jareck. He's a rebel, he's fallen off center stage so it would be a surprise and just how ironic would it be to have Richard Hatch play the last Cylon?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Predictions and Prognostications:
So, Helo is out. He has to be the human half of Hera's DNA, as her mother is obviously a Cylon, (as an aside, how frakked up is it when Boomer and Helo have the most stable and even relationship on the show?) and for the same reason Cally is human since Galen Tyrol is a Cylon.
Gaius Baltar has to be a human because to make him a Cylon at this point would negate everything he had done up to this point, like say the destruction of his entire race. Making Starbuck the Cylon also appears to be too easy, and thus far the writers have worked pretty hard at avoiding that.
Bill Adama as a Cylon would be devastating as well, but it would also be nearly impossible to explain.
Lee Adama would also be difficult to countenance, as you already alluded to his erratic nature. Plus, I'm not sure he has the strength of conviction to really be a Cylon.
Laura Roslin, is probably the favorite bet here. However, her cancer could be problematic thematically.
So, that really just leaves the dark horses, those with names and characterizations but no huge part in the story arcs thus far.
My favorites in this category are Felix Gaeta, (which would completely break my heart,) could really call into question the nature of the hidden Cylon psyche, as he would make the fifth of the final five that is a significant member of the organized Cylon resistance.
Anastasia Dualla-Adama could be an intriguing candidate as she has some serious strength of character, but has thus far been woefully underutilized.
And the darkest of horses Dr. Cottle. Come on he doesn't even have a given name, yet he's seen or referenced in nearly every episode. Who's going to see that betrayal coming?
Obviously, I have no earthly idea who will be the Cylon, but I'm enjoying the hell out of watching to find out.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've followed the new BSG from day one. The twists and turns have kept me on the edge of my seat, started more than one burst of turets syndrome, and had me in tears as well. They're taken the camp 70's-80's show and made something for the ages. I can't decide what tantilizes me more, who is the last cylon, or what is earth. In an interview prior to the season beginning, the writers were asked at Comicon last year if they find earth. "They find something we're calling earth." was what they said. That line is the most amazing thing I've heard, and will keep me watching to the last second.

And talk about a mind frack? How about Tigh being a cylon? He gets his eye ripped out in torture, leads the resistance, and murders his own wife, and he's a friggin cylon!? Making the admiral a cylon would just be an attempt to one-up this move, and I don't see them doing it.

My vote is for Starbuck. Sure it's obvious, but sometimes that is as satisfying as a plot twist, or even more so. Besides, catch the last few episodes and the rebellion among the skin jobs? It is looking more and more like the final five were some kind of wildcards to force cylon evolution. It reminds me of the whole aboration BS from the matrix, but with better writing...

Oz, you diggin the whole polytheist vrs the monotheists bit? Joy and I are loving it.



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