Saturday, February 02, 2008

LIghtsaber vs. Superman

Given events in my Marvel campaign (which reminds me I still need to write a recap for my players) I found this article ironically amusing.

At least the fight would have a cool soundtrack, what with John Williams on both sides.

I'm no expert on Superman canon (maybe Dave T will weigh in), but if lasers can hurt Superman, then a lightsaber should be able to hurt him. But to do serious damage like lop off an arm, it would have to be wielded by someone very strong.

And a kryptonite lightsaber? That's brilliant but cheating. Who would build a kryptonite lightsaber? Well, besides Batman. He's working on one right now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if you go with the Gladiator Theory (Supes is a psi, and all of his powers are TK, pyro-K, etc), then the sabre would hurt, but wouldn't have the auto-cut-thru anything effect, as it would be facing a force field. As everything up close to him (skin-close) is protected, and items a bit further away (such as his cape) are not, it would be safe to assume that he has *some* level of protective field.

Dave T
(chanelling my inner/outer geek)

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