Thursday, November 22, 2007

4th Edition leak

Found some info on another blog regarding 4th edition monster stats. Check out the the blog entry as well as the source which includes the image of the card with the stats.

I'm still chewing on this. The biggest change is the change to attribute bonuses. If it is indeed changing to +1 per 3 starting at 0 rather than +1 per 2 starting at 10, that will take a touch more mental acrobatics for conversion and reduce the impact of stat changes.

Why couldn't they have left the interval 2 instead of 3? Gar.

Looks like the stat mod could also be the regular stat mod that we are currently familiar with plus 1/2 level, which would also jive with what another source told me today.

It also seems like the defenses will be much like SW:Saga, a small base plus stat modifier plus level. I'm still chewing on that one. I also heard that we'll be able to choose which stat to use for Defenses: INT or DEX for Reflexes, WIS or CHA for Willpower, and CON or STR for Fortitude.

Also, check out EN World's 4th ed info.



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