Sunday, January 07, 2007


No, I didn't really gain five pounds. I bought a new scale, which shows 5 pounds heavier than my old scale. I know that I've still lost 35 pounds in about a year and 30 pounds since I started tracking in detail, but it still sucks to find myself 5 pounds farther from my next goal, 200.

This week has been a rough one. Work was stressful, I was sick to the point they sent me home from work (and it wasn't the kind of sick that takes off pounds, and there was the sinning at and following New Year's. So actually I popped up a couple of pounds and had to knock them off.

I'm back in my gym routine. I missed during the week since breathing was challenging. I sounded so bad at work that people stayed away and the other manager that worked with me during the day refused to let me handle the binder after he disinfected it. He told me I should go home, and when the closing manager came in, he said I should go home also. So I figured even if I could go to the gym, the people there wouldn't appreciate me hacking and wheezing all over the place.

But at least now I've got almost all of the gunk out, I did my regular routine, and I can talk normally.

But it's still 15 pounds to go, dammit.


Blogger Falconsword said...

Come on Oz, quit beating yourself up. I've lost 70 pounds now! Think about that, twice what you've lost. What an accomplishment, right? Bullshit, I still hate myself, and every time I think about it I want to give up. I have ONE HUNDRED more to go. I'm not even half way there. So buck up, get up, shut up, and get back to work! LOL

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