Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Creative Output

While I was at the gym (yay me), I was mulling over my campaigns and slightly chiding myself for my "Snakes on a Spaceship" episode of my Firefly campaign. Granted, I didn't lift the movie scene by scene and run my players through it, but every time I "borrow" froma movie or book for a scenario, I feel a little guilty.

That got me to thinking about how many sessions I've run as a game master.

An easy benchmark was when I moved into my house 6 years ago. On the average, I run 3 sessions every two weeks, or 1.5 sessions a week. There are times I miss, but there was also a couple of years that I was running 2 sessions a week, so I feel 1.5 is a fairly conservative and realistic estimate. So figure 52 weeks times 6 years... that's over 300 weeks. At 1.5 sessions per week...

That means I've run over 450 sessions. If I was directing a televison series, that would be roughly 17 years worth of tv in the past 6 years. If it was a comic book, that would be over 37 years worth of comics (note allowing for crossovers, annuals, and Marvel's bullshit "let's go twice a month for this title" crap).

Now to be fair, not as much work goes into one of my 3 hour sessions as goes into an hour episode of tv or a comic book. And my players give me a lot to work with... a whole lot, and put a lot into those games.

But still, 450 sessions. Not a small amount.


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