Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gen Con 2011 - Day 1

I think this Gen Con I was signed up for more events than ever before. I feel like there was the right mix of free time set aside to hang out with friends and troll the XHall (Exhibit Hall) and time committed to games/events.

The big "thing" on Thursday mornings at Gen Con is the opening of the Exhibit Hall at 10 a.m.. I decided to wait a few minutes and avoid the pressing crush of gamers and backpacks before going in. The odd shape made it hard to judge, but it looked like the XHall was roughly the same size as in the old part of the convention center. Given that the vendor spots sold out, I wouldn't be surprised to see them open K Hall in addition to the ones used this year.

Two other differences were the lack of media guests and computer game companies. I would have thought Turbine, with D&D Online and Lord Of The Rings Online would have been there (then again they skipped last year also) and BioWare with The Old Republic coming out.

The first game of the day was a Pathfinder game, "We Be Goblins". Nicole, Mike , Weasel and I were all in the game and none of us had played Pathfinder before, but enough 3.5 had been played between us it wasn't a hindrance. Mike and I both ended up with pyromaniac bomb-flinging goblins. Our troop of goblins fought spiders, dogs, a horse (a which point we started making Bad Horse comments) and a goblin witch. When we found the witch's hideout we spotted a smokestack and I ended up dropping a bomb down it (while standing on a ladder leaning up against said smokestack - no one said goblins were bright).

The second game was Abney Park's Airship Pirates, a Steampunk RPG.

The system is pretty straight-forward and from what I heard is pretty similar to the FATE system. I ended up playing a character that was a what you would get if you took Inara from Firefly and added Saffron's conniving. The GM offered to let me switch the gender, to which I replied "that's okay, I can do dice drag."

One of the interesting aspects of the system was that each character had a pool of fate points to modify successes or change the plot. We each had eight points, and for six we could pretty much rewrite the plot of a scene which led to me taking the game off the rails when my character's twin sister sprung a trap capture all of the players. I told the GM I was spending 6 plot points to make the 50 guards sent to capture us that I was my sister and she was posing as me, so they arrested her and carted her off. To give the GM credit, he was pretty quick on his feet in adapting and figuring out how to get us to keep going through the plot now that we could no longer be coerced.

Greed is wonderful for motivating players.

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