Monday, August 08, 2011

Gen Con 2011 - Day 0

While Gen Con is touted as the best four days in gaming, over the years activities have become increasingly popular on Wednesday, the day before the Con officially starts. Between open gaming both at the convention center and nearby establishments such as Scottie's or the Ram and events such as the annual Stink, there is stuff to do on the day before Gen Con.

What wasn't popular this year was the will call line and construction.

The will call line, used by those who order in advance then pick up their badges at the convention, was out of control. It stretched from the badge pick up area almost to the food court in front of the old Exhibit Hall. I thought about using my phone to video the length, but I haven't messed around with posting video.

While I know the Super Bowl is coming, the week of one of the biggest conventions of the year is not the time to tear up the street in front of the new entrance to the convention center. What the frak were you thinking, Indianapolis? (The answer: they weren't).

My big task for the day was collecting and transporting swag to Union Station for the Stink. We had three vendor donors - Midwest Clerics, USAopoly, and WarMage. In addition, Gen Con donated the usual stockpile of t-shirts in addition to other items.

Fortunately I had scouted out an indoors route from the convention center to Union Station. However, it was still a long haul that I had to repeat a few times. One cool thing was that I got to go inside the XHall (exhibit hall) during set-up. I love getting to see behind the scenes.

The Stink itself went well, finishing with Nordic Distance Dice (throwing huge dice). Afterwards I bolted for another Wednesday night before Gen Con tradition, N-Con. My friend Nicole plays host to some out-of-town exhibitors and on Wednesday there is a get-together for gaming and hanging out, a great warm-up for the four days to come.

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