Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vacation + GenCon = :)

w00t! It's that time of year, time for me to take a week off work for the nerd prom that is GenCon.

One disappointment this year is that my regular "GenCon buddy" Nicole won't make it this year (some trifling conflict of schedule), and she's the one that usually gets me to get out to the more social events.

I'm a little more involved than usual, as I've joined the Mavens and working at the Stink on Wednesday, which means GenCon is a 5 day event for me.

I plan on actually taking my camera out of the box and taking pictures this year, especially since my camera phone sucks.

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Blogger KNH said...

I might get you to the more social events, but you get me to go to more games!

My lack of presence just means you'll have to be twice as social to make up for my absence, though I'd suggest that you not go trying on ladies' chain mail or anything.... :)

5:35 AM  

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