Tuesday, May 15, 2007

NBC Fall Line-up

The article on Dark Horizons can be found here. Obviously, Heroes coming back is a no-brainer (and the only show I watch on NBC). What I found interesting is that we are going to get a six epsiode mini-series, "Heroes: Origins", during the haitus.

Journeyman could be interesting, but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe I'm jaded by sci-fi on TV, especially after Fox axed Firefly and so many sci-fi shows suck. But I'm a sucker for the whole "what-if" alternate reality time travel crap, so I'll give it a look.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Heros - can't miss it. DYK if Sci-Fi will still do reruns?

Everything else sounds like crap. Rehash of old themes. The Bionic Woman - give me a break! She sells air mattresses now...

11:48 PM  

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