Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fitting the crime?

I've seen this article a few places around the net. Given that I hate shoplifters and I hate our criminal system that fails to deter them, I found this amusing.

I think something like this is great for first time offenders in low dollar cases. Hopefully the embarrassment will keep them from becoming repeat offenders. Of course, I'm in favor of stricter punishments than what we have now for repeat offenders. There are people out there that make their living by stealing from retailers. Some may think, oh well, big companies can afford to lose a few dollars.

We're talking about billions. Not to mention the impact on the people who work in the stores.

Then again, I think habitual criminals should just be taken out back and shot. They have become a menace to society once they've become habitual. They are not going to reform. So we can waste the resources to warehouse them, or put them down. Maybe then the criminal lifestyle will seem less glamorous.



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