Monday, April 23, 2007

High school student gets medieval

My friend Sherri found this news story about a northwest Indiana high school student who pulled out a flail and went after a classmate with it.

Yes... I said a flail.

Figures, Lake County is my old stomping grounds, where I spent junior and senior high school and where I began playing D&D. Sherri speculated to our games list whether these girls played D&D... after all, who else would bring something like this instead of a knife or gun (traditional weapons of "The Region") to school?

My quip: When flails are outlawed, only outlaws will have flails.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will something be done about this, or will people just flail about uselessly?



5:25 PM  
Blogger Falconsword said...

This is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I demand they institute a seven day waiting period on all flail sales! And when will the evil, vile republicans close the fail show loophole?! We need common sense flail control. You don't need an assault-flail to hunt!

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I grew up in the region too, and my weapons of choice were always the crossbow or the dirk. Compact, concealable, non-ferrous and lethal in one shot. How sad that our youth has sold out for bling over thing...

I say good for her. Whomever she wailed on probably had it coming.

My old boss's son had a "replica elven sword" in the back of his car - like the kind you get from a catalogue - and was kicked out of school in his senior year for bringing a "weapon" on campus.

Give me a break. The thing was a show-piece only and couldn't cut butter. But he lost his full ride scholarship and had to attend night classes to get a GED.

I don't advocate weapons in school, or anywhere else but the arena or home, but if you have to take a weapon with you, make it one your adversary won't forget for a long time....

BTW, Microsoft Vista still sucks!

9:14 PM  

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