Sunday, July 02, 2006

Origins Cliff Notes

I spent the weekend in Columbus Ohio at Origins 2006. This is a summary, and hopefully my friend Nicole will put her pictures up on her blog. Yes, I took my camera. No, I never got it out of my luggage.

On Friday Nicole and I headed out hoping to make it on time for a 7:00pm Firefly LARP. Fortunately her brother Greg already was there and got our tokens to get in the game in advance. Despite a plethora of Ohio State Police, construction, and the usual road idiots, Nicole got us there in the nick of time.

The Firefly LARP was fun. I know that some put LARPers just above furries and people that write slash fan-fic on the geek hierarchy, but we had so much fun we went back Saturday. My experience as a GM came in handy. The GM at the LARP announced that combat was beginning in the saloon we were all in and everyone needed to decide what they were doing. She then said "one..."

I recognize a GM countdown when I see one.

I dove behind a table. Literally. When she hit "two..." three quarters of the room followed suit. I may write more about the adventures of the crew of the "Soldier of Fortune" later. After the LARP we hit a micro-brew pub. Mmmm... beer.

Four of us stayed in a suite. I was happy not to be on the floor as I got to sleep on the couch in the living room. Unfortunately, I forgot that it had a hide-a-bed in it, so I spent the night slightly scrunched up. By the time Mikey (the fourth member of our quartet, a friend of Greg's from Wisconsin) pointed out to me at 6 or 7 in the morning that the couch was a flod-out, I decided it wasn't worth actually rousing enough to open it up. Besides, I can't complain as Mikey was sleeping on a bedroll on the floor in the kitchenette.

Saturday we picked a D&D game (actually I think Greg picked it). It turned out to be a mix riddles, puzzles, and of course combat. I was playing a bard with 18 Charisma. To say that I hammed it up would have been an understatement, and I was in "push the button" mode. To the GM's credit he kept things moving, especially since he took in three more players than he had planned.

We squeezed in dinner (we skipped lunch for the D&D game) at a huge sports bar with room for 300 customers, but about a dozen actually there (including us). Food was okay (though at that point we would have probably eaten the menus), but service was slow. At least the waitress was cute. :)

Then it was return to Firefly. We had a slight advantage having played the night before. Again we showed we were smarter than the average bear. When someone outside the "bar" yelled that Reavers were attacking, everyone else ran out of the bar to where the fight was. We flipped over tables for cover then swept the bar for left behind loot. We ended the night showing that twinking out your ship doesn't matter if you aren't in it when action goes down. That and we got to serve a little crow.

We finished the night at a martini bar in downtown. I'm not a martini drinker (my alcoholic father was *really* fond of martinis and my first bad drinking experience involved gin), so I settled for a concotion called a "Dead Irishman", which is a black-and-tan made with Guinness and Dead Rogue Ale.

Sunday was the prerequisite shopping in the huxster room. Nicole and I collected more business cards for websites than actual purchases, but we both managed to find a couple of things we were looking for and have a mental list of things to watch for at GenCon.

The trip back Nicole and I spent most of the time plotting and scheming about the Firefly LARP, which will be at GenCon. Hopefully we can get a bunch of our friends to play the game, giving us an additional advantage in numbers.

Then I aim to misbehave.


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