Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Review: Superman Returns

The Man of Steel is back. Unlike DC Comic's other hot property, Batman, this isn't a reboot, and unlike a lot of other movies, it's not a remake. It is a continuation, taking place 5 years after the last movies and it is very respectful of its predecessors.

The movie itself is good. Unlike X-Men 3, it has the advantage of having a single hero, thus a much more focused storyline. That's not to say there aren't sideplots, but they don't distract you from the story or wander off nowhere. While Superman's powers are limited only by the needs of the writers, it's not like in previous movies (a la turning back time by flying so fast around the planet it spins backwards)and it certainly isn't a sin limited to Superman movies.

Brandon Routh does a good job as both Superman and Clark Kent. For Clark, it's almost like he's channelling Christopher Reeves. Kate Bosworth makes a good Lois Lane, much better than Erica Durance on Smallville. Kate's Lois is strong without being a bitch. And of course Kevin Spacey is great as Lex Luthor.

A humorous casting note (at least to me) was James Marsden (Cyclops of the X-Men movies) as Lois' boyfriend. I guess Superman and Wolverine have something in common.

And no, Superman is not potrayed as being gay. I don't know where this comes from, unless it's just to do with Routh. The Christ analogy is closer, in that I could see where people draw parallels.

There was a plot twist that had me fear for the rest of the movie. In the hands of someone like George Lucas, it would have ruined the film. Fortunately Singer has a lot more restraint than Lucas. When you see it, you'll know it.

Even though John Ottman (XM2) does the soundtrack, he makes liberal and effective use of John William's original theme. Of course, both Best Buy and Fry's are out of said soundtrack.

Even though it does fall victim to a couple of cliches, Superman Returns is great fun and a very good movie. I'm not a Superman comics fan, but I heartily endorse the movie.

Oz's rating: 4.5 cape-wearing kryptonian flying monkeys


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I almost started laughing when 'Cyclops' was trying to get a seaplane going during the storm...I almost expected to see a great white and a giant squid...

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked how in one way they played up to Jor-El's message to his son. You will inspire others. When they came back to rescue Superman. And when Kitty dumped the crystals.

I also liked that Marsden did not get stuck being the guy who insecure about his situation with Lois.

To me the moment that I truely loved was the rescue of the Airplane.

Followed by saving the city and then Lois.

I agree we have possibly seen the summer's best movie.

11:37 AM  

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