Sunday, May 21, 2006

Holy Internet!

There is a discussion below this comic that may help folks confused about the Net Neutrality issue.

Basicly, the government is trying to meddle in the net and allow isp providers to block or reroute your internet traffic.

Say your ISP is Evilnet (a spin-off of Starbucks), and you want to shop with my friend Shadowdragon. But pays Evilnet to reroute traffic for all competitors in that product category to them, or at least make it a lot harder to get to competitors. Under what Congress is considering, that will be legal.

Here's one of my favorite online comics with another Net Neutrality strip.


Blogger Jeff Freeman said...

I think you misunderstand what they mean by re-routing traffic. It's not that you'd type in and get sent to instead. Just that traffic to/from google would be routed through lower-bandwidth pipes so that (in this example) you'll always get a higher download rate from the 'preferred' sites.

So if you wanted to get to shadowdragon, you WOULD get to shadowdragon: But you'd be getting there via dirtroads (versus taking the highway right to megamart).

3:04 PM  

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