Friday, April 07, 2006

X-Coots and Claremont

One of Chris Claremont's upcoming projects sounds interesting (despite the fact he is writing it). It asks the question: "What if the X-Men aged in real time?" Of course, I'm a big fan of what if stuff, but I haven't been a big fan of most of Claremont's stuff since he came back to X-Men several years ago.

The original X-Men will be in their 40's, the New Mutants in their 30's, and folks like Xavier and Magneto... about as old as the actors that play them in the movies.

In a related note, this series is delayed because Claremont collapsed from exhaustion and will be taking a break. I think he needs to take a nice long break to recover, and then not stress himself, so he shouldn't work on any book besides this new "GeNext". He definately should not add the stress of ruining, I mean taking over Exiles, a book I enjoy.


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