Thursday, February 23, 2006

We're going to need a bigger pub

Last Saturday Weasel and I went to Fionn MacCool's in Fishers to watch Mother Grove. When we pulled up, the lot was full. Fortunately, as I circled around a car pulled out up close, so we managed to not have to look at adjacent lots.

Inside, the place was crowded, standing room only. They weren't even taking names for tables anymore. Good thing we went earlier than the start time on MG's site, which showed a half hour later than the real start time.

Fortune smiled again when some guy holding two stools at the bar abandoned his post. Weasel and I pounced on the vacant spots, giving us seats at the bar on the side closest to the stage.

The stage... I think my bathroom is bigger. I thought for sure the fiddle player was going to poke the bass guitarist in the eye with her bow. Despite the crowded conditions, both on and off stage, Mother's Grove put on a good show. And best of all, Guinness showed up at the end of the night to buy everyone a round.

Mmmm... free beer.


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