Thursday, February 23, 2006

Super Inconsistency

Chris Claremont needs to get off the meds or back on the meds or whatever. That and quit trying to write a bunch of comic books at once. Because it seems for every good story/issue, we get two or three turds.

Anyone who has been following the X-titles knows this already, but the latest is of X-Men really got my goat. It is so full of inconsistencies I wonder if his kids are phoning the stories in while Claremont is passed out with an empty bottle of Grey Goose in his hand.

Granted, there are bound to be problems when you have stories going through 4 different titles at different paces. Then again, that's why they are getting paid.

Okay, spoiler warning.


I mean it.

Ok, you don't care, you've already gotten the book yourself, or you're just planning on reading it on my coffee table.

In X-Men: Deadly Genesis, the Blackbird gets stolen and blown up. In this issue, when Apocalypse and his Horsemen attack, some of the X-Men jump into 2 Blackbirds to give chase. How many bloody jets do they have? And they go an chase 1 Horseman, leaving a couple of disgruntled X-Men to watch over the school and the mutant refugees with Apocalypse standing right there!

Famine, who was a legless Sunfire, uses his hunger-inducing power of the remaining mutants as well as the Sentinel pilots. While everyone is starving, Apocalypse offers them his "blood" as nourishment if they'll join him. Obviously, they are not only hungry, but stupid, lining up for his blood while behind them is a mansion/school. With kitchens. And a cafeteria. Full of blood-free food! But most of them line-up for Epoxy-lip's blood.

Meanwhile, the big A is magically inside his teleporting Sphinx, talking to his minion until Gambit shows up. Nevermind the huge line of mutants waiting for blood, or the fight that Apocalypse is having with the last remaining manned Sentinel (the other pilots bailed in search of food), Apocalypse must have stolen Madrox the Multiple Man's power.

Who wants to bet that the pilot-less Sentinels decide "enough is enough" and start acting on their own to deal with the situation.

The good news is that Claremont is leaving most of the X-Books.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you think I'm starting the new campaign circa X-men 150?

Back when the stories were *GOOD* and there was only one x-plotline.

(not sure how I'm going to incorporate New Mutants happening soonish...)

9:18 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Now I remember why (at least in part) I stopped reading the X-Men and other comics.

10:17 PM  

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