Friday, February 10, 2006

Gen Con staying in Indy


This is from the Indianapolis Star:

Tourism: Gen Con's force to be with us quite awhile

Let the good times roll. They're coming back. Last year, 25,000 folks descended on Downtown from around the country, then went home, but not before spending $35 million. It was Gen Con's "Best Four Days in Gaming,'' a mega-convention dedicated to sci-fi, fantasy and adventure games and the gamers who love them.

The Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association knew the gamers would return Aug. 10 for Gen Con's 2006 convention. But the outlying years were in doubt. Well, stop holding your breath. On Thursday, ICVA announced Gen Con's "recent decision to commit to Indianapolis as an annual part of Indy's convention calendar well beyond 2007 and into the expansion of the convention center was welcome news.''


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